About Us

Cushees has been in business for over 45 years, serving golf and tennis customers with quality products at a reasonable price! 

Cushees was founded by Bob Kenny in 1977. His desire was to provide better quality socks and hats to golf and tennis shops. The socks at that time were thin and blisters were common: so he developed a sock with extra cushion by adding double and triple cushion under the foot and around the heel. Once the socks became popular customers wanted Bob to expand his product line and before long he developed new hats that are still going strong to this day.

Today, Cushees is owned and operated by Bob’s son, Robert Kenny.  Robert, along with his employees and family, still provides the same incredible socks and hats that Bob invented, and thousands have come to know and love! 

At Cushees our desire is to provide the very best products with service to match for our customers! We hope you enjoy visiting our website and using our products as much as we enjoy providing them!